Video SEO

I have worked with Video SEO for years and will share some results and clients I have helped with their Youtube/Video Strategy. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the U.S. after Google so to not look after your Video SEO is a mistake. To not acknowledge this fact is to miss out on marketing opportunities in your digital strategy.

Do you want to publish an Instructional video, Branding for a TV-show or just a Funny clip? You decide!

I offer services for Video SEO in Miami, and Digital Marketing through video and social platforms.

If you choose one of my top tier marketing products, our aggressive approach normally gets your video into a top position within hours.

Experience in Video SEO

Services include social media outreach, YouTube Follower adds, increased YouTube Views, Shares and Likes. We can also do customized comments, so let me help you market your brand on YouTube!

Examples of SEO for YouTube for previous clients:

#1 for “road biking miami” within 24 hours. for a review. #2 for Detroit Lions Cars Giving the Chinese brand IGSSPORT really good promotion. 


#1 for “SEO Consultant Miami” and “SEO Expert Miami”

seo youtube













#3 Micro Campaign for “Shimano Miami”

shimano tarmac