SEO Audits

We start every project starts with an SEO audit from our office in Miami.

This to find out your website’s health and where there is room for improvement.

An audit normally entails a meeting with the client to discuss, understand their business and their business goals.

Before a SEO guidance/report call we prepare a short report on SEO opportunities and roadblocks, including the website’s rankings and current estimated Organic SEO traffic.

We try to find short term – long term digital growth goals.

We look at other ongoing Marketing initiatives to identify opportunities where a business can cross-pollinate different marketing initiatives.

With this information we can suggest different growth solutions, present you with a SEO, Local SEO, Social Media and Digital Strategy and advise on where to spend the marketing budget.


In a next step we include a SWOT analysis/ benchmark at least 3 similar businesses and give you a 10,000 foot view on what to expect in terms of ROI and potential reachable goals.

Should you target local SEO only or go after Organic keywords.

SEO Tech Analysis

We do an initial tech analysis for your website and give you an estimate on time needed to develop, rectify and developing your technical SEO. Blocks for a website includes server issues, load times, image optimizations, code optimizations or use of legacy sites and domains

Let us help you with the first steps into the world of SEO.

Without cost or commitment we send you a 10k feet overview of your website and SEO health.

All companies could use some extra SEO love.

See how your website can increase organic web traffic by an average of 62%*

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