Recommendations for a SEO Company in Miami

With so much to consider, it stands to reason that many businesses often rely on recommendations when it comes to choosing a provider, as they want to sidestep any hassle. For any SEO campaign to be a success, it needs to be heading in the right direction from the off, otherwise you could find that you hit a series of obstacles as well as experiencing some financial ramifications.

SEO Experts Miami is a company that has several years’ experience in dealing with SEO and has ensured that it has stayed up to date with current trends, and monitors any developing trends to see how these can be implemented.

The most important aspect that any SEO company should be able to offer is SEO practices that aren’t going to hinder the site in the future. Some companies may be able to use techniques that rocket a website up the rankings in the initial stages, but if the right methods aren’t being used, this will soon change.

Other recommendations include Tobias Gillberg, a leading expert in Miami SEO and more. As well as being able to create a SEO campaign that will get your site recognised by those who matter, he will also be able to offer advice on other channels that can help guide SEO in the right direction, such as digital marketing. You can get in contact with Tobias here.

In today’s modern world, for a website to be found, the right foundations must be laid. This is why it’s vital you opt for a SEO company that is both reliable and reputable.

Finding the Best SEO Company in Miami

seo miami

Search engine optimisation, probably better known by its acronym SEO, is a vital tool when it comes to promoting a business online. There are many who claim that they are experts in SEO, but who should you trust? SEO can be complex, and it’s not something that can be implemented once and left to grow. The right kind of SEO  needs to be nurtured to ensure a business is getting the results it wants. Only one Miami SEO company gives you real value for your money with 100% transparency in all they do and that company is SEO Consultants LLC led by Senior SEO Tobias Gillberg

This is an ordeal that many businesses find when trying to find a reputable SEO company in Miami, or even globally. While there are many reputable experts out there, there are also just as many chancers looking to make a quick buck by using dated and detrimental techniques. Such methods can be seen as cost-effective by some, but the truth is that using such practices will only mean a business must pay more in the future.

To say that the world of SEO has changed is an understatement. In fact, the more evolved the Internet becomes, so too do the SEO techniques used.

It’s not unusual to see different opinions about what works best in relation to SEO. Some may claim that building backlinks is the way forward, while others may prefer pay-per-click marketing. The truth is that there is cookie cutter method in place. The practice must be tailored to that of a business, and will often overlap with other marketing methods.

A reputable SEO company in Miami will not be applying the same method for each of its clients. It will instead look to look at the business and find out its business goals. It will then create a bespoke campaign that is destined to strike the right chord.

Reach out know to see what Tobias Gillberg’s Miami SEO Company can offer you!

The Evolution of SEO and Digital Marketing in South Florida

There are many attractive qualities associated with South Florida. Not only does it have an alluring view regardless of where your standing, but it’s also home to an abundance of businesses. While having so many businesses is ideal for consumers, it does mean

that companies must do more to stand out from the crowd. This doesn’t mean that businesses must think of complex new marketing strategies, it simply has to invest as much time in its digital presence, as well as its physical premises.

Nowadays, it’s not enough to have a website, businesses have to look at way at promoting their website and interacting with their audience in a positive way.

Therefore, many businesses consider employing the services of a SEO company in Miami.

The Evolution of SEO and Digital Marketing

There was once a time when people could put together a website and flood it with keywords and see it climb to the top of search rankings. Although this was great for businesses that had a service to offer, the practice was soon misused, meaning that a lot of low-quality sites were appearing, offering online users no value at all.

To change this, a series of algorithms were put in place to ensure that the correct practices where being used, be it an SEO company in Miami, or a global entity. This ensures that potential customers were finding the right kind of service easily, while websites could offer visitors value. While more underhand techniques may have worked initially, it would normally come with a series of ramifications for the website, regardless of whether it was third-party who made the changes.

Digital marketing has enjoyed a rapid growth thanks to the way people use their devices and the Internet. Again, back in the early days, it wouldn’t be unusual to see a cluster of sites filled with multiple banners. These practices are long gone, and in the modern age it’s about understanding the user, including their interests.

Social media has also had a massive effect on how digital marketing is delivered. No more do we see a series of irrelevant banner ads, but instead adverts tailored to our interests and location.

The way both SEO and digital marketing have evolved can have many businesses scratching their heads as to which method to use when it comes to getting their services recognized by the masses. The truth is that each company is unique. This means that each company may need to take a slightly different route to success, albeit using similar methods.

While a business can do so much to further its SEO efforts, there’s only so much time in a day. Both SEO and digital marketing are evolving at an astonishing rate, meaning that the practices carried out also must change to ensure that the business is able to obtain the online recognition it’s looking for.

Even a business that is looking to promote itself locally has to look at the benefits that both SEO and digital marketing can bring to the table when it comes to conversions. Even customers passing by your premised can be lured in with some clever social network marketing, it’s all about implementing the right strategy at the right time.

This can be too much for a company to contend with on its own, and will often look for an SEO company in Miami to carry out the work needed. However, it’s important that we employ the right kind of service.


Choosing the Right SEO Company in Miami

With so much to consider, it can be difficult choosing the right provider when it comes to carrying out search engine optimisation and digital marketing. Businesses that are new may be tempted to opt for a cheaper service, but if the practices being used aren’t within the guidelines, then your website could fall in rankings, or even be removed.

To choose the right SEO company in Miami, you need to look at the kind of service you’re looking for. The can be a large grey area where digital marketing and SEO crossover, and can often encompass a series of other platforms. While social media may not be at the top of the agenda for some companies, the truth is that it plays an important part when trying to be found by potential customers.

With this in mind, we need to focus more on the service on offer as opposed to the price. While there are a series of websites offering tasks such as backlink building, they’re going to be of little use if there is no marketing strategy in place.

Even if you’re only looking to capture a nearby demographic, there still must be a marketing strategy in place, otherwise your campaign could fall in on deaf ears. This means if you choose an SEO company in Miami, it has to have knowledge in several different fields. A reduced service at a reduced rate is only going to end up costing a business more in the long run, as it will need to pay for continuous updates. Building a relationship with an SEO company in Miami is more beneficial, as it allows the SEO company to understand the business model and apply practices that help a business achieve its end goal, while ensuring online practices are tweaked to keep the momentum going.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a short-term solution, or a long-term operation, you always need to ensure you’re using an SEO company in Miami that’s well-versed in SEO, digital marketing, and the way they intertwine when marketing a business or brand.

A reputable SEO company in Miami will be continuously testing its methods and staying up to date with current developments. It will also ensure that the correct procedures are being carried out across the board, ensuring that regardless of the device or platform being used, your business can be found, while being marketed to those in the surrounding area regardless of whether they’re sat a desktop, or browsing the web on their smartphone.

SEO Tips to Remain Searchable in the Digital Market

If you have a business that you’ve been developing online, but it isn’t getting the traffic you feel it needs to succeed, consider making edits to enhance your SEO (search engine optimization).

There are a number of SEO companies in Miami that work diligently to increase the number of people you have browsing through your website, or at the least clicking on it through a search engine. It’s possible for incoming traffic to stumble upon your business site on accident, or find you easier to locate if you utilize the right key words, and digital aesthetics.

In south Florida, with a few basic tips and tricks, and the help of an SEO expert Miami, you can turn your online market into something that is searchable, accessible, and relevant to your clients.

Choose Your (Key)Words Wisely

One of the most important, and contributing factors to your SEO is going to be what keywords your business utilizes on the website. The more closely you work with that keyword, and include it in your posts, products, title, anything, the higher chance you’ll have being searched.

seo keyword research

This being said, you don’t want to overuse your keywords to the point of exhausting your customers. Utilizing keywords in a cohesive, but relevant way is the way to go. For example, if someone was online shopping for a cactus planter, and the search was open ended with no preliminaries, utilizing the key words “cactus pot” brings up a significantly larger search field than something vague such as, “cactus holder,” or “cactus pot.” Utilizing the words that customers are most likely to search for ultimately increases the likeliness of your brand being accessed through a search engine, allowing you to increase your business.

Do Some Research into Competing Businesses

A way to get a leg up on your competition is to search your competitors and try and look at their marketing strategies, specifically for what does and doesn’t work among their customers.

For many businesses, taking advantage of social media outlets is a sure-fire way to engage with customers in a live-action kind of way. This engagement translates into a constant care for communication with your customers, and lets them know that you’re present, and want to cater to them and their needs.

Keywords can come into play in this aspect, because you can use your keyword when reaching out on social media, ultimately developing a web persona that customers will relate to, and want to interact with.

By looking into the marketing strategies of competitors, you can locate the things that are and are not working with their customers, and brain storm to take your online business and its marketing to the next level.

 Utilize Your Internal Links

Using internal links is also key to ensuring that your business is getting the amount of online traffic that you aim for.

Keywords are helpful, but when it comes to a variety of on-page accessibility, internal links will direct customers back to you, rather than directing them to other sites or businesses.

The more that you provide internal links, the more that customers will find answers to their questions through your company, ultimately building their trust with you, and potentially ensuring their returning business or collaboration in the future.

With a growing SEO market in Miami, there are a variety of resources to turn to when it comes to search engine optimization for your online business.

By addressing some of the most basic aspects of your customers’ online searches, you can optimize your clientele, as well as your online traffic to grow your business.

SEO tools SEMrush and Majestic Integration

It was announced October 12th that that you can now integrate Majestic and and from before Google Search Console. The thoughts behind the idea is to create a bigger picture or 10,000k view.

This might be a useful feature for top level execs that does not want to get into the bolts and grains.

I am gonna try to get them connected myself and see what value added there is to combine the 2.

seo tools to useI already run both tools individually. Link finder has been gwoing significantlly and they are moving into SERP scraping. Could this be one of the reason Majestic and SEMRush open up each others API:s.

See how the migration works here.

Miami Cruises| An On-Page SEO problem solving Example

I recently had a discussion with a cruise client about the relevancy of H1 tags (also known as Header tags) on the home page. I almost always suggest that companies implement a relevant Header tag on the home page.

The top 10 (or first page of) results in Google for the keyword “cruises” includes almost all brands like Carnival Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line and others. My client pointed out that some of these sites (direct competitors) did not use the H1 tag.

For competitive keywords, Google has stated that it prefers big brands. Yes, the competitor ranks in the top 10 without an H1 tag, but that’s also because they’re one of the biggest cruise lines in business. Read more here (

So while it is true that some cruise lines are ranking in the top 10 without an <h1> tag, I wanted to illustrate how the H1 Header remains an element of importance. Here’s my example from a Google search of “cruises”.

There are only 2 sites ranking in the top ten that are not big brands but affiliate/travel agents not tied to just one brand. and

There are only 2 sites ranking in the top ten that are not big brands but affiliate/travel agents and not tied to just one brand. and

 cruises miami seo cruises seo code

 cruise seo miami 


With that said: It is not scientifically proven that the H1 is very important but gives us an indication of how well implemented On Page SEO can have effect on Google rankings and that you don’t NEED to be an established brand to rank on one of the toughest keywords in Travel.




SEO and Link Building History (Part 1)

seo history 2005 matt cutts

Some Sunday reflections on SEO and Link-building from the early years of my SEO career in 2005. I worked heavily in affiliate marketing from 2006-2010 with my own Black, Blue or Greyhat projects. There is not an affiliate niche I haven’t been active in: payday loans, travel, forex trading, gambling, supplements.

Back in 2006 it was possible to rank a dropped domain with good links to a #1 position in Google within hours. I remember registering dropped governmental domain names and then getting them to rank for things like “payday loan”, “poker bonus” etc.

My first job in the SEO industry was with a small agency in Sweden.  We had a little network of sites where we automatically pushed out links. I started with getting pages to rank on Swedish Google ( Back then it didn’t take much to rank a site. Niche/Content/Trust was really no issue. Just link. The more links – the better.

We had several phpLD (those of you who remember link directories), phpBB (bulletin boards) and could get #1 rankings very easy with basic On-Page SEO and a bunch of links with exact anchor text. If a site didn’t get to the ranking we wanted, we just added links until it did! There could be up to hundreds of exact match anchor texts from one domain to the client site.

Google’s algorithm was easy to trick and value in a domain really came down to: age of domain, number of links to the domain, authoritative links (Some of the best links you could get was the $295/year Yahoo directory or

I moonlighted on many side projects to test how far I could take things before one received a Google penalty. It wasn’t easy to get penalized but I succeeded quite a few times!

I started to work more and more on .com for highly competitive keywords. The tolerance that Google had regarding link placement was still a bit blurry but since .com was a more competitive marketplace you had to go for more sites.

War black hat White hat SEOThe SEO community wasn’t that big in 2006. Everyone was listening to Matt Cutts’ (Google Spam team God) latest blog entry on the official Google blog, what he had said or not said during a keynote session. I met Matt Cutts for the first time at SES London 2007 (Search Engine Strategies conference) and it was like meeting a rock-star!

Matt Cutts, dictator, chaperone and opponent in one person. We all (or some of us) thought of the smartest ways to outsmart Google with spammy techniques. I did a lot of “Blackhat SEO”. SEO that went against Google’s guidelines. Matt ran a blog (unofficial Google blog).

Google’s guidelines were nothing I would comply with. I remember Matt saying things like “content is king” and in many ways dictating how to build websites to the SEO community. This was probably to ease work for Google, and get everyone in line so that sites were easier to categorize and rank.

I went on to join a company in 2007 that worked in very competitive niches. I will share the next part of my view on link building through the years in my next blog post.

Good night!

Long live the local store!

Let me tell you a little story about local SEO:

Are you one of those people (like myself) who’s basically stopped shopping at the mall? Do you use department stores more like fitting rooms, and then do your actual transactions online? Shops in malls are expensive and I don’t particularly like stressed crowds of people and screaming kids.

For us guys, it’s rather easy to do clothes shopping online. Most e-commerce sites and Amazon deliver your stuff fast and cheap. Free delivery is often within in 2 days and includes free return if something doesn’t fit.

I am a signed up to many retail email lists so I can get frequent updates on sales. If I want something, I’m definitely not paying full price. Luckily, there seems to be a sale event every other week! This is handy for me because I do have “expensive taste.” I don’t shop at H&M or Old Navy.

But on the other hand, I am the type who is a sucker for a good deal. I go to Marshalls if I know I can get $10 Under Armour Tri-Blend Underwear for crossfit, and I am sure as hell not paying $250 for a pair of G-Star jeans.

So how do you get these deals?

One important factor is patience. Never act on impulse. (Although I am impulsive with smaller things that I want or need straight away.) The price will go down sooner rather than later.  What I do is that I hold off and I wait for a sale. I’ll eventually get that email for say, Nordstrom 50% off or for Flash Sales at JCrew etc. That’s how I end up paying $100 for $300 Cole Haan Oxford Shoes and $90 for a pair of $250 G-Star Jeans.

Needless to say, our waist-sizes change. Sometimes for the worse sometimes for the better! I prefer my clothes always on point in size. I like well fitting jeans and slim t-shirts. Size is something that differs with models and I personally tend to jump up and down from a 33 to 34 waist.

This is where the mall comes in. I go there to try on different brands, fits and sizes, to test a neck size, is it 16.5 or 17? Then I go home and order it cheaper somewhere online. I know that I’m not alone.

My point is that stores are not stores in the way they used to be and sometimes it doesn’t end well. For instance, most recently Sports Authority went out of business.

Case in point: My girlfriend power walks. She began complaining about pain in her feet from her workout. I have been a runner and also have had experience with injuries or sore feet. The first step I took was to go to a running/marathon store to talk to an expert in running shoes. The marathon shoe store let me take off my shoes and have me run on a treadmill to see the stance of my feet while I was running. From this recommended a pair of shoes for me with support in the right places and created a personal molded insole. (Luckily this has gotten slightly cheaper since 2002.)  I suggested to my girlfriend that she find a store that specializes in running shoes.

The problem was that we didn’t know of one close to where we live. She took to the classic Google search but was hard pressed to find anything. Google suggested shops in malls but mall stores sell shoes intended for the general public and not specifically for serious runners, or walkers in this case.

Not to be a sport shoe snob but employees at ShoeSource tend to know less about long-distance running shoes than an employee in a store that only sells equipment for marathon runners.

I live in a fairly affluent neighborhood in Miami where people not only have money but also the dedication to seek out specialty stores for their interests such as cigars, bikes and ridiculously expensive watches. You get the point. Most importantly they are willing to pay good money for what they want.

I think that it is possible for smaller stores and that local businesses to survive with the right niche for the people living in the neighborhood but I see too many businesses fail since they haven’t done market or demographic research.

I believe that in the future shops will have to be experts or specialize in a certain group of clients to succeed as a store (unless your name starts with Star and ends with Bucks and is every white girl’s heaven with their crappy, overpriced coffee).

I have been working with SEO marketing since 2005 and it’s been my bread and butter ever since. Over the last couple of years, I often get the question about how to rank high in Google for highly competitive Search terms. People do not realize this but if you are looking to repair your phone, you will not type in “iphone” in Google as a search term. The average Google search query is 5 words and might be more like “cheap Iphone glass replacement [LOCATION] ”

Google has a great feature called Google Businesses. (You know that little map and address that pops up when you Google “italian restaurant” for instance?).

To have a listing there and to be among the top 3 (referred to as the Snack Pack) gives your business substantial exposure and it’s free!

This type of website “optimization” is called local SEO and is A LOT easier than to rank for say “shoe repair Miami” and also much easier than regular SEO where we typically do keyword research, On-Site SEO, link building and ongoing blogging.

Local SEO is a thing that’s grown huge within the last few years, as Google has become more and more sophisticated (*cough* spying on exactly what you do, what you like and where you live). To take advantage of this there are a few tricks that you can follow or hire someone to help you with.

Back to the shoe store: We eventually did find a shop. I decided to speak with the manager to offer him some help. I gave him a few hints. Since his niche isn’t too competitive in our neighborhood, I managed to get him listed through some citation building within 24 hours.

Now I’m going to tell you what I told him:

Step 1: Verify your business in Google. This takes approximately 5 days. You receive a letter in the mail.

Step 2: Start getting citations (name of business, address and contact) on local directories.

Step 3: If you still aren’t in the top 3, ask happy customers to write Google reviews about their experience.

I gave these hints to the store owner since I was very pleased with his service and helpfulness. He was a small business owner and he did what he knew best: running. He is a former athlete. My girlfriend was very happy with the difference in her workouts even though I heard some complaining about design and color. Afterwards I received a letter from the store owner saying that he was very pleased to be ranking #2 in a Google search.

Another example is of a conversation that I had with Joseph, my local shoe repair man. He asked about my work, SEO, Google and how his business could benefit from SEO. He wanted to rank #1 for the term “shoes”. My answer was immediately: YOU CAN’T! AND YOU SHOULDN’T!

The first page in Google is totally dominated by big brands such as Nike, Asics and Caterpillar boots.

Typically, my suggestion is to let an SEO client take their time and figure out what makes their business unique. This is often referred to as finding Micro Niches. They’re keywords without too much competition and better converting to website visitors.

Another thing that I have incorporated is to make sure that the Local SEO is on spot. If you are a small/medium business who wants to optimize your potential then I suggest looking into Local SEO yourself. If you don’t have the time for that talk to somebody initiated.

Conclusion: I think that local stores will live since they have a unique value offering. I also think that malls have to realize the impact of e-commerce and adapt!


Why you should engage a Miami SEO Company

Nowadays, everyone seems to have a website, but is it being put to work in the right way. While many businesses make the effort of crafting an online presence, it doesn’t always serve them well, and this can be down to the SEO work being undertaken on the website.

It’s not uncommon to visit marketplaces online and be greeted with thousands of offers that seem too good to be true. These can include thousands of backlinks for a mere few dollars, or content that’s created with little expense.

Unfortunately, the way some people operate are based on old-school SEO methods that don’t have the punch they had back in the early days of the Internet. AS such, a Miami business looking to prosper needs to ensure that they are engaging with the right kind of Miami SEO company.

Value for Money

When spending money on your website, it’s easy to assume that the less we pay, the more profit we’re able to achieve at the end of the tax year. However, a more realistic outcome is that the SEO being carried out is ineffective, which in turn slows down sales, which can have greater ramification in relation to your turnover.

Employing the services of an SEO company in Miami not only ensures that your local SEO work is being carried out in the right way, but it can also work alongside you when it comes to future goals.

The money that needs to be spent on your website can vary, but you can be assured that using a reputable and reliable SEO company in Miami will garner more results that a one-off aged budget solution from the Internet.

Quality Content

Back in the early days of the Internet, it wasn’t uncommon to come across websites that would be flooded with text but contained very little context. This is because more focus was on the keywords being used as opposed to the overall content. Search engines like Google sound caught up with these practices and released a series of algorithm updates that ensured content was also relevant and easy-to-read.

Keywords still play a vital part in the SEO process, but the content on offer also has to offer value to readers. If a business is not able to craft valuable content, then they may find search engines like Google fail to rank it.

The right kind of SEO company will ensure that your content is easy-to-read, employs the use of keywords where possible, and the most important of all, offers value to the person reading it.

Years of Experience

Many may profess to be an SEO expert, but if they’ve only been operating for a few months, then this is probably not the case. Although you can learn the ropes quite quickly, only those who have been operating for many years can profess to be an expert.

While many aspects of the SEO processes have changed, there are some that have stayed the same, and only a true professional can ensure that the right tactic are being used when it comes to promoting your site.

SEO is Always Changing

The Internet is now more popular than ever, and to ensure that content is being presented n the right way, the algorithm will be constantly updated to ensure search engines are only providing quality and relevant content to their site.

An SEO professional will ensure that they stay abreast of current development and ensure that these updates are instilled when updating your website. Much of the success associated with SEO can be taking a proactive approach and embracing change rather than fearing it.

It’s a Lot of Work

There are many people who are familiar with SEO that could effectively carry out many tasks themselves, but this takes time. Regardless of whether you’re a new start-up or an established global entity, there’s no getting away from the fact that the tasks that need to be carried out in relation to SEO can be monotonous and time-consuming.

Even if you were to employ someone a full-time basis, you may find that you’re spending more than you need to when it comes to ensuring that your SEO is heading in the right direction.

Choosing to use a third-party provider not only ensures that your SEO practices are being employed in the right way, but they are constantly being monitored to ensure that your site is getting the recognition it deserves at a cost-effective price.

Performance Driven

Using the services of an SEO company can often have more desirable effects than employing an in-house team. Whereas in-house employees can be left with nothing to do should the task at hand be finished, an experienced SEO professional will be looking at what’s new in the industry, and how these methods can be used to propel your website into the limelight.

A SEO professional will also check your website to ensure that there are no errors being experienced when visitors land on certain pages. What’s more, an SEO professional will work with you to ensure that you’re never paying more than you need to when it comes to perfecting your SEO strategy.


The role of an SEO professional can mean that their role is constantly changing, but those who embrace their role will ensure that change doesn’t mean the end of your website, and a working solution will always be put in place to ensure that you’re not losing traction in the online domain.

I have had the pleasure of working with several different businesses in Miami and have found that each business needs its own tailor-made SEO solution as opposed to a step-by-step cookie cutter solution.

If you’re currently looking for a reliable and reputable SEO specialist, then why not get in touch today. Regardless of whether you’re setting up a brand new website, or you’re looking to overhaul your current online presence, you can be confident that you’re online goals are in the right hands.


How to easily check your website’s SEO health

Check your SEO healthMany businesses will have a website, but not every business will know how to make the best use of their website. While to some a website is nothing more than an online presence, to others it’s a vital marketing tool that a business can’t do without.

The online presence of a business can be its most vital tool as to whether the business is a success or not, and if it’s not able to contend with the requirements of today’s user, it will often fail to achieve any healthy traffic.

Fortunately, there are a series of steps that can be taken to ensure that our website remains a valuable asset when it comes to marketing our business, thus earning us a better return on our investment.

Checking for Errors

As your website grows, it is inevitable that some pages may display an error when some visitors land on a certain page. This could be due to several reasons, but it’s something that needs to be remedied if you’re looking to climb the ranks in Google.

Google Search Console is a simple but effective tool for obtaining information about errors on your website. You will be able to check errors in relation to your site pages, as well as your URLs, and you can even set up notifications to be alerted should any issues arise, allowing you to rectify them promptly, and what’s more, it is free of charge to use.

Another important tool is SEM Rush, which has raised to dominance with business owners and SEO specialists globally. Using the platform can be something of a learning curve, but if you’re willing to invest the time, you can reap many rewards from SEM Rush, with a site audit being one feature among many.

It’s worth noting that SEM Rush does come at a cost, but there is a free trial available to new users, so they can check out the platform without worrying about cost.

Are Backlinks Relevant?

There is a common misconception that the more backlinks a website has, the better. While in some contexts this can be true, it’s important that business owners are able to ascertain that the backlinks they are receiving are of value.

An example of this can be a website that has thousands of links to low-quality sites. The number of backlinks may suggest that your site is in good stead, when unfortunately, the opposite can be true.

Backlinks are a vital part of SEO, but they need to be earned in the right way. If a professional in your niche is sharing your work on the website which covers similar territory, then it’s all good.

However, if you’re paying a fee for someone to create backlinks in a short amount of time, you may find that this only hinders your site moving forward.

Getting rid of bad backlinks can be a time-consuming endeavor, but it is something that need to be done if you want your website to flourish. While many bad backlinks can be removed by asking the site owner, those who find no success in this method could also make use of the Google Disavow Tool.

The previously-mentioned SEM Rush can also be of great use when trying to locate backlinks of little value.

Is Your Content Valuable?

New Google algorithm updates dictate that content should be relevant and easy-to-read, so if you have any content that could be a little difficult to make sense of, this could cause your website to take a nose dive when it comes to rankings.

The content will vary on the type of website you have, but you should be looking to make use of keywords, while ensuring that they’re not overused. The content itself should also contain good grammar and make sense to those who read it.

It’s also important to ensure that the content you are using is not replicated anywhere else online, as this could also mean that your website goes unnoticed online.

Ensuring Your Website is Fast Enough

It may surprise you to learn that the speed of your website can be a deciding factor of how your website is ranked. This is because that if many people are not met with the information they expect in a given amount of time, they will often leave the site and visit a competitor.

The sweet spot for a website to load is around three seconds. If you’re finding that your website or certain pages are taking longer to load, then it could be worth looking at certain elements in relation to your website.

For example, you may be suffering slowdown because of the image size. These can be compressed to ensure that your web pages load much quicker.

It’s also worth pointing out that some slowdown issues could be due to your hosting provider. If your site suddenly becomes popular, then heavy traffic could be causing an issue.

What If I’m Not Able to Correct It?

While many people can deal with certain elements of their website, and even carry out some changes, there will be times where the whole process becomes too time-consuming or confusing, so where does this leave us in relation to our website. Fortunately, you can outsource the work to a seasoned professional who will not only ensure that current strategies are being carried out in the right way, but you will also be in touch with a professional who can instill other elements that may not be common knowledge online.

Another reason why engaging with a specialist can prove to be beneficial is that you online strategy can adjust to the everchanging online domain, which in turn will ensure that you’re only climbing the ranks and not falling by the wayside.

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Link Metric Evaluation 101

SEO metric evaluationWhat is a good link? Where do you want to be listed to get the Local SEO rankings you deserve? Why don’t your link building efforts work? You might be listing your website in the wrong places?

In this Friday Fun SEO blog post I touch how you can quickly and easily etermine a website’s SEO Authority.

The number and authority of  the websites referring to you is still a major ranking factor in SEO.

The 3 big SEO tools I use are MOZ Domain Authority/ Majestic Trust Flow or’s Link Authority.

More important is 

  • The site is real and not built for link building.
  • The site have natural organic traffic and rank in the top 100 for any keywords related in your niche?

You can certainly dig in to a domain for hours checking metrics, positions etc but here are some of the steps that are absolutely essential. I normally use the same key indicators when I evaluate domain names website for sale or just estimating a SEO organic value of a domain.

The basic steps I recommend:

  1. Does the domain have an established DA/TrustFlow? Check quickly for free at
  2. Does the website name include related keywords to what your website is about? If the answer is yes that is good.
  3. Is the domain name a .com/.org or .net or .co? Make sure it is and not foreign TLD (, .in, .ru etc) or a (.info, .biz or other TLD)
  4. Is the language on the domain all in English?
  5. Does the domain name contain keywords that are totally unrelated or feel totally unrelated? (When I look for potential links for a travel website the domains I want a link from normally does not normally include “…runningshoes”,”…” etc
  6. Test the domain in and with .
    1. Does the website have a solid history of at least 3 years?
    2. Was it ever dropped in this time frame?
  7. Enter the domain into
    1. What does the backlinks to this domain look like?
    2. What sites are linking to the domain? Anything you recognize?
    3. What is the keyword spread on these links?
    4. Does this link profile look fabricated? Make sure that not all links were built in the last 2 months (This implies that the site is fabricated for the sole purpose of link selling)
    5. Navigate to the domain and take a good look around. Does everything look and feel like a regular site?
    6. Does the domain have any obvious warning signs or something that feels unnatural (obviously subjective but make sure the site does not includes articles around very various topics, following a pattern, has ’do follow’ links to different websites)
  8. What websites are the top dogs in your niche?
  9. If several competitors do, it normally implies that it is a strong website where we want a link
  10. Enter the domain into
    1. Does it look like the domain have organic traffic?
    2. Does the traffic to the site stem mainly from and not mainly from ( or other Google TLDs)
    3. Does the domain rank for related keywords? Normally a sign that it is a very strong domain? Does it rank at all?

You can by utilizing 3rd party tools have available and with jsut a little common sense get a very good very good insight in the strength of a link.


Leaving the subzero degrees and the anything goes SPAM SEO of

I’m currently travelling back to Miami after a well needed “rest” from the daily SEO grind in Miami. Like every year all clients playing with OPM (employees at larger enterprises working with Marketing budget and Other People’s Money) I had a rough last week in December since everyone woke up and wanted to deploy SEO strategies (both Miami and National corporations) presented to them months in advance.

I  have tried to not actively work on anything new and cutting edge for clients but have tried to act as a pillar, aswering questions and supporting already laid out SEO strategies.

In this business it’s key to always keep an eye on trends and massive ups and downs in traffic and if you have a major SEO drop: ACT!!!!

Search engine traffic always seem to be quite calm over Christmas/New Years Eve and Google always seem to spare us SEO’s  major Algorithmic updates so no major to put out.

Overall, organic Search traffic has been increasing across the board for my clients.

Pages, Onpage SEO like headers/titles and meta-tags have been indexed as always

I have therefore finally had some time to take a deeper look into a few rather new occurrences that has been rolled out by Google the last months.I have also reated more “word” by looking into a few other things I have seen but just haven’t had time to dig deeper into.

  1. Impact of Google’s new and longer Meta Descriptions in the Search  Engine result pages (Google started allowing 325 character Meta-descriptions on Dec. 20th)
  2. I have tested different techniques to totally speed up load times and I even had time to write a blog post on page speed
  3. I have tested Local Miami SEO search queries on from Sweden and found some rather spammy sites that show up in Sweden but does not when Searching in Miami via a VPN. There are a few sites that show for “SEO Orlando”, “Travel Sri Lanka” and other terms.
  4. I have been meaning to write a longer post called “Affiliate SEO and Crypto currency Trading” and have gathered information on this subject. If you haven’t lived in a bubble the last year I’m sure that you have noticed the rise and extreme hype that has been surrounding crytptocurrencies recently. Cryptocurrencies has become extremely popular and many hobby investors has put in A LOT of money in a market that has raised 1000%’s in just months. Many exchanges are sketchy and has markups of >10% for a simple USD ->BTC exchange. Since I a few years ago worked as the Head of Search for a number of affiliate Forex Trading sites I know that there is big money in just referrals and I would like to point out. Since the cryptocurrency isn’t something that Google has banned from PPC and Adwords it would also be interesting to see PPC statistics on this so if someone is sitting on some information on costs per click here it would be interesting to see. I bought my first Bitcoin about 6 years ago and it costed me $130. Looking at $19,000.00/ per bitcoin before Christmas gave me goosebumps: Not that I wanted to get into Forex trading. If there was something I learned in 1999-2000 was that I’m not a Stock trader and through work I have tried Forex trading. It is hard and to me a gamble. I don’t know Technical Analysis and I doubt that the majority of these new investors have any formal education in economy.

SO SEO 2018:

  • The longer Google meta descriptions has not to my knowledge changed he rankings or played a role in where Google ranks websites. Any savvy SEO understand that the longer the description, the better is your chance to describe a business and take up more real estate on the page where the site is ranking = A higher CTR = More clicks.
  • Another interesting thing happened in early December when Google opened up more keywords in the “Google Search Console” giving the SEO community hope that we can further see long tail keywords that has lead to a click to your website.
  • I wrote a post on SEO for attorneys that got a massive clickbump from longtail keywords. Given that phrases such as “Personal Injury attorney Miami” costed over $130/click when I wrote “expensive keywords for attorneys” this comes as no surprise.

I have for the last few years been a big advocate on page-speed and page loading times. I have experimented with cache, cache times, CDn:s, Imge sizes and html compression. This portfolio site launched less then a year ago as a forum. The portfolio serves as my own platform where I in a humble way can share my thoughts on today’s SEO landscape. A nice bonus is that it’s already ranking in top positions for “SEO expert Miami”, “Miami SEO company” etc etc. This I take as proof of that my theories and that I practice what I preach is true. Ask yourself; Would you rather follow the herd and get mediocre results OR reason and come up with an SEO solution tailored for you. SEO is not an Industrial “One Size fits all” marketing but an art that requires Insight, Experience Curiosity and Know-How.

To be the best SEO company Miami or the World I love a slogan from the Flintstone era: Think outside the box 🙂 or even better, a Swedish expression translated into something like “Hurry! But slowly”

With that I wish you all a successful year whether you day-trade bitcoins, work in SEO or just invest in SEO!

Speed up your website | Rank better | Compress and optimize

Merry Christmas!

I hope all you guys are having a great Christmas. I wanted to bring up an issue that is very important for SEO and something you can do On Page: Page load speed. Page Load-Speed is something that has become increasingly more important as a ranking factor. Google prefers fast pages and WILL put you in a less favorable ranking spot if your website isn’t  up to speed delivering the end users a quick user friendly website.

In the Google Developers section there is a self testing tool called Google Pagespeed Insights where you can insert your domain and get a Pagespeed score from Google. Is your pageload time <60/100, <70/100? Take a look at your images since there most likely are easy points and actions to take to speed up your website.

google pagespeed insights

Since there are too many factors to put into one single blog post I will speak on site code and image compression today.  By having your code and images compressed and minimized in size, you will normally save a lot in loading time.

  1. Images,  Size and Compression, Cache
  2. Code, Compress and minimize
  3. Cache your website.

IMAGE SIZE: I would say that the most common mistake site-owners do is to keep their images larger and of higher quality than needed (Images on Stock-photo sites are normally large since they are meant to be worked on by the user). Never upload or use an image in a size that is bigger than you need. If you present a image with a max width of 1024 pixels, DON’T UPLOAD AN IMAGE WITH LARGER WIDTH THAN WHAT YOU USE ON THE WEBSITE.

What will happen is that the browser will download the larger image for every page and then scale the image on the fly to fit on the page. This is not just a slow user experience but a unnecessary  bandwidth consuming process. Imagine you have a page with 12 Images in 600×300 pixel size. Then Imagine that this dozen of images actually individually are 2000×1000 pixels big.

To download 12 large images 12 times EVERY time this page is loaded  is a lot of data and will be visible on any browser/speed. A big waste.

Suggestion: If 600×300 pixels is the largest size that you will show these images as. Upload them just as that. In Photoshop there are options to manage quality/size. Quality is often negligible so save in a quality of 60-70% and set the size right.

There are plugins that can be used in WordPress (WP Smoosh, Imagify etc) that I strongly recommend. I also recommend using online tools such as TinyPNG even before you upload images to your website. You can thereafter run a bulk optimization with Imagify before inserting images on your live site.

By doing this you should get the pagespeed up from 5-75 points in Google PageSpeed Insights.

Code Optimization: 

Compress your code output with GZIP to save space and to minimize the amount of data to download before rendering the page. Google writes more about Compression here.

For WordPress there is a plugin to optimize code called GzipCompression. If you tamper with the code, always make sure you have a backup of your website in the case something goes wrong

Cache your website: Caching your website is another easy fix to save space and time. By caching your pages you force-save them on the first load in the user’s browser. This means that the user won’t have to download all of your contents the next time they visit the same page. Set a time on how long you cache a website.

Some tools to help you with WordPress caching that I recommend are WP Super Cache and W3 Cache Optimizer.

Page Speed and Image Optimization is something that we take care of and help you with when we do On-Page Optimization work

Again have a great Christmas and please comment if you have any questions


Tobias Gillberg

How to Google better; Search Operators!

So what are Search operators. Simply put they are a set . of commands tha limit extend or set certain criteria so that you can search like a real SEO expert.

Search operators are great when you perform SEO audits of a website and I often use them together with a software like scrapebox to find website for link outreach. Learn it yourself and don’t hesitate to contact me by commenting below if you want some specifics or something is unclear.

You can use the search operator in the Google Search field:

Here are some basic Search operators

I. Basic Search Operators
” ” “tobias gillberg”
Will give you the exact match of the keywords inside “”

OR seo expert miami OR best tobias in SEO
It can sometimes be useful to have the operator OR.instead of or | can also be used for OR

– athlete -redneck
The minus (-) can be used in fron of a term to exclude it from the search.

* tobias “SEO * Digital
An asterisk (*) acts as a wild-card and will match on any word.

#..# Scrapebox2 announcement 2015..2017
Use (..) with numbersto match a publishing date with the range 2015-2017

$ Samsung TV $799
Searches for prices in $ dollars, add (.) for exact prices, like $19.99.

Here are some other operators, a bit more advanced but helpful

To use these parameters you must input more info but they give a more drilled down result

intitle: intitle:”seo vs sem”
Search only for pages that matches the phrase “seo vs sem” in the title

allintitle: allintitle: tesla vs edison
Search the page title for every individual term following “allintitle:”. Same as multiple intitle:’s.

Inurl: “SEO”
Look for a word in the URL Great if your are looking for a particlar type of domains inurl:seoagency as an example

intext:”orbi vs eero vs google wifi”
Search for a word or phrase (in quotes), but only in the body/document text.

filetype: “seo theory” filetype:pdf
Match a file type like PDF , DOC etc
Will return re sults with websites similar to

Have fun searching!

The Miami SEO consultant

SEO for attorneys Miami launched and 3 other digital project launches

I had a productive night yesterday when I finally got down to the nitty gritty of moving over sites from old seo hosting accounts and a hostgator account that failed me and had 50% downtime (I’m not joking). One of my old affiliate projects was lifted over.

I’ve owned a bunch of fitness/supplement sites. but I lost interest and have just let the domains go. So the task at hand is to see if which domains in the niche I want to keep and maintain. I have a meeting tomorrow regarding my main site.

It was SEO optimized to rank #5 for 2-3 of the main keywords for a while but I will be talking to a content expert that has a team and potentially can we do something together. Either way, the page needs a big facelift, regular updates, moderation and fresh good articles on fitness.

employment law Miami FloridaA site I finally started working on was for attorney Tara Faenza and I created a skeleton with popups that came out pretty nice. Take a look guys and give me some feedback.

SEO for lawyers is an interesting field. I am looking into it more.

There is a lot of legislation with marketing for attorneys and it is very risky to use review sites since attorneys here in the US often work on cases they believe in and does not take a charge for starting the work. When a person is seeking legal help he or she can have claims or a view of how things happened in a certain situation; more than seldom blaming the attorney and writing up nasty reviews without any ground etc.

keto desserts

Another site I got around to start working on was Ketowaffles, a site featuring low carb dessert recipies. The first a tribute and recipes to yummy and ketogenic (low sugar) waffles, cakes and good stuff. It is more of a hobby site since it is a lifestyle I started about 3 years ago. To be in and to put your body into a ketogenic state it is necessary to consume a diet of less than 20g of sugar/day. Sounds crazy but please check out the site where you will get more information.

I’m also building a 5K run site for Miami and a community site and marketing site SEO Vikings in Miami.  Lots of projects coming and underway!





Halloween and Expensive Adwords for Attorney SEO

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope everyone has a great Holiday. Myself am working. A bit behind on a project, so mapping out a Law Firm’s sitemap and trying to do keyword research research. For me this is relaxation and a bonus is that I don’t want to piss off an influential criminal attorney.

SEO for Attorneys is hard, the competition is steep but to get these sweet top positions for any attorney in Miami is Gold.

I just checked the. estimate from Google Keywordplanner for some of the keywords and they are well over $40/click. I think we will get this site up where it belongs if not easy; at least without breaking a sweat.

I got my top guy working on a design and we be building this website from ground up in WordPress. I’ll be using DIVI theme for this project. Very Customizable and can be VERY fast.

Something that many SEO’s fail to acknowledge is the important of page-speed or load time. Nowadays not so much because of users on 28.8 Modems clicking back but because of Google. I did a test about a year ago where I had two sites. Both brand new and no funky link-history or spammed from b test

I built one of the sites with all the bling and pictures ETC and didn’t pay attention to compressing and optimizing the content. The domains were equal and the keyword I was going for was a long tail with low competition.

The other site I built super minimalistic with all the relevant content and a rather spartan design.

I did not add any backlinks but I added both sites to Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

Within 2 weeks the second site was ranking steady on the first page for the keyword and the Blingy site was nowhere to be found (page 5 or 6)

Since many factors can play in this can not be seen as a clinical experiment but it gave more info about something I have been thinking of for years.

The most important ranking factors 2017 are:
Header, Title, Relevant Content or the amount of content, Pagespeed and authoritive links.

Double Trouble SEO

Double Trouble SEO. I reached the top for both SEO Expert Miami in Organic Search and top of the snack pack this weekend.  While it’s not the best keyword for Searches/Month, it is ultra targeted: People that search it and land on my page already know what they are looking for. SEO Expert Miami has a  a broad match Search Volume/month of 110.

Keywords like “Miami SEO”,”What is SEO?” etc have a higher search volume BUT they do not deliver ultra targeted traffic and at the end of the day: We all want converting visitors. Not just webtraffic. Many times this is is something that you need to explain to a client. It’s as simple as 2 questions; Do you want traffic? or Do you want clients?

I’m sick and tired of “SEO Experts” that promise rankings on to broad keywords for peanuts. They talk some talk and know something about SEO BUT SEO is BIG and I understand that the price many times might seem high but given that I have worked in SEO for 11 years, a masters degree in computer science and have worked in basically all niches there are I DO have a few tips for you guys that are serious about investing in SEO as part of a digital strategy. SEO is really about spending and tending to a website. Sure, you have a fancy website built by an even fancier Media Agency but What next?

If you read my blog you understand that SEO isn’t some “magic Search powder” spread on your site.

It’s hard work, then even harder work. I have never seen Search marketing failure if you treat SEO for what it is; the foundation of every digital marketing strategy.

Is your site loading as fast as humanly possible after you have gotten it from your Dev ? Is your site targeting the correct keywords? Is everything SEO in place? If the answer is No or you don’t know SEO. Fine! you will have to let someone do the SEO for you. If you don’t have that person on staff you’ll have to outsource. In a coming post I will go through the list of competence such a SEO Company or SEO Expert will have to show you.

There is never just ONE person that can do everything. Personally I am very good at seeing the overview and making sure that all is top notch from an SEO perspective. Does that mean I’m the elegant copywriter or the Designer? . It does not. If you get a proposal for “SEO” for <$500 a month: Don’t take it unless you are the corner shop selling Platano Milkshakes. Listen to suggestions and speak with SEO’s. If it sounds to good. It is! be very picky when choosing your SEO company.

so back to Double Trouble SEO: YES! the term “SEO Expert Miami” is long-tail BUT the visitors coming to your website using this phrase are already qualified and know what they are looking for! This is important and something I always bring up with clients. If the keyword does not convert, it’s pointless ranking for it. One good thing with a site that ranks for high volume keywords is that they already have a strong SEO value and often it’s possible to funnel that traffic to easier and higher converting keywords.

Meanwhile content creation is ongoing on this site to present all services. Off page SEO is important but always make sure that the foundation of your website is awesome if you want to do SEO: You will save a lot of money if the HTML is following Google’s best SEO practices. When i say “On-Page SEO” I refer to all initiatives you do with your domain: headers , alt-tags, schema markup, content, site load speed. All these small parts add up and will help you for a lot less money spent than a better off-site SEO: links, citations etc.

double trouble SEO ranking Miami SEO expert


Contact us for more information.


Delivering magic or the episode with the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Potentially one of the most wanted classic Muscle cars. THE 1969 CHEVROLET CAMARO SS was a project that I ran this week for my great clients over at

Blake Meach, CEO of Eldred Inc gets a custom order to find and deliver a Camaro to rookie linebacker for the Miami Dolphins Raekwon McMillan. Something they do best: Find purchase and customize exotic cars!

Blake & ExoticCarTrader always delivers above expectation for clients and for this job Blake had to go  into the deepest and dirtiest South. He found a guy with a mint 1969 Camaro.

After agreeing on a sitting with moonshine and long forgotten confederate hymns the parties found common ground and .a transaction was going through, obviously “Cash in hand” to be sure that the Bolshevik, socialist government with their liberal agendas wouldn’t get their hands on the cash.

Blake made it back to Miami and the car into the shop for custom details it was time to head over to the Miami Dolphins training facility. After a collision with legend Raekwon shows up. Raekwon McMillan, that unfortunately tore his ACL during a game on August 11 got a sweet toy. Courtesy of Blake and the gang! He also got some VIDEO SEO magic done by myself and the video is the talk of the week. It is popping up everywhere and I had the honor of ranking it in YouTube

Rankings in Youtube from SEO are already popping and the direction is #1 spot for ALL

Raekwon got some good exposure and we wish him a quick recovery!

Checkout the Video

The Video SEO results so far are pretty amazing:

#1 for Classic Muscle Car

#1 for 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Classic

#1 Raekwon McMillan Car


And of course: A link to THE VIDEO