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Local SEO and for us mainly Local SEO Miami is something that comes into play when a user navigate to a search engine like Google.com and search for restaurants, doctors or gyms in their vicinity. When doing these searches one often come across the eye catching 3 top listings. These business listings is often referred to as The Snack Pack. These listings are getting maximal traction and often have a great click through rate.

The SnackPack is a Google feature that was first introduced in August 2015. There has been a few updates since then but we always stay on top on the latest changes that could affect your already established SEO Listing.

Whether it’s a gym, carpenter or cafe does not matter. For Local SEO this is the spot to be for a local business. It is also beneficial to work with searches “your industry/related industry”+”your city” for Local Organic Search Optimization.

Client examples: Boca Tanning Salon, Brickell & Trini Salon and SPA.

An even more prestigious accomplishment is to have a “double hit”. 2 of your Search Results in the top of the first Google Page. I show my own website. Organic + Snackpack for

“SEO expert Miami” and a few more Snackpack listings but No #1local #1 local organic as below.

double trouble SEO ranking Miami SEO expert

So how do I get to the SEO snackpack?

There are a number of factors that determines who gets to be featured in the snack pack but it essentially comes down to:

local seo Miami

Local SEO Miami in a nutshell

Miami local seo is something we know and have years of proven success. It’s all about how you form your structured data (Schema.org code with opening hours, cuisine, telephone number, address, Google reviews)

Moz.com has a great top 50 list on how to reach the snack pack in Local Search.

I can work together with you to get the local ranking you desire. This is a job that is more traditional SEO and affected by Buzz, Social signals to your sites and good reviews from trusted accounts to your Business page.

We help you with a customized strategy to reach  your desired local SEO goals.

Local SEO

If you want to rank in the snack box (Google “seo expert Miami, Miami SEO Company, Miami SEO consultant” and you’ll find my blog) . I can make it happen for you. Let me take a look at your local SEO presence and optimize your social signals and Business page. Implementing Local SEO Miami  is KEY, Especially if you are operating mainly in a geographically within a certain area

local seo miami

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