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Top Miami SEO Expert . My name is Tobias Gillberg and I’m a Senior SEO consultant in Miami. I’ve worked to help people like you with SEO and Digital Marketing for over 10 years. with ad agencies and in-house positions.

My SEO consultancy and marketing career has taken me from Stockholm to Miami via Vancouver, and even a few years in the Caribbean. I’ve been based in Miami since 2011 and offering clientsMiami SEO services at affordable rates.

Let’s talk Search Engine Marketing!

As part of a Miami SEO Company I can deliver full Digital Marketing Strategies, assist with implementation and training for your internal SEO and development teams. I also offer workshops to educate your business in SEO / Digital Marketing and can help with SEO training with all levels of Marketing knowledge.

Want some case studies? I have long-term and proven case studies to showcase leadership with SEO teams both in-house, remote and off-shore, for Fortune500 tech giants to marketing and SEO for local Miami companies. All my work is data driven and analyzed for top SEO results your company. Because my education is in computer science, I understand technical hurdles and can offer development solutions to optimize all facets of your website.

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I currently work for a full service agency as SEO Director for their Digital Marketing team in Brickell, Miami, FL.



I customize SEO strategies through website audits and deliver insights based on analyzed data. All of my SEO work is tailored to meet any client’s needs. As a technical SEO Expert, I can help you grow your business online:

  • Evaluation and recommendation of KPIs
  • Keyword recommendations
  • Keyword whitespaces and opportunities
  • Long term Search strategies
  • Deep research into client KPIs, business model and potential hurdles and roadblocks in SEO visibility
  • 100% transparency with the Search process: from keyword analysis, insights, SWOT insights, On Page SEO, link building and reports during all stages of the SEO process
  • Help with yourVideo SEO strategy
  • Assistance with your local SEO/Google Places

Take the SEO test to see if your website is ready for the 2017 post Penguin and Panda landscape.

SEO? How can it help my business?

I often come across clients who’ve been burned by SEO companies in the past. Usually because they’ve been promised certain ranking positions for certain keywords (with often short timespans around 3-6 months) and then fall flat of reaching them. SEOis a long-term process that takes time. It’s also recurring marketing.

The main difference between Organic rankings and Paid Placements (Adwords, PPC) is that you never pay for clicks. Once you have a certain position in Google’s rankings, it’s mostly maintenance SEO work to stay there. (i/e writing blog posts, link earning).

My philosophy is that to be good at SEO you need to see the big picture in how SEO servicescan help your business (and play a part in your overall digital marketing strategy). My hands-on experience since 2005 means I know what works in the 2017 SEO landscape. Allow me to deliver a customized SEO solution that puts you in front of your competitors in Google rankings.

Want to hit in the top 3 Google Map listings in Miami searches? I can help, just Google “SEO Expert Miami” and see what happens! Hint: Check the map listings and read about ourLocal SEO services


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science
  • Fluent PHP, JAVA, WordPress, AEM, CSS, server language for all things SEO, .Net, C/++, mySQL
  • Fluent English, German, Spanish and Swedish with working proficiency+

Reasons to use a Miami SEO Expert for your website:

There are many reasons to why you should go with a Miami SEO expert implement your fundamental SEO. This will in 95% of the cases prove itself worth the money many times around in more sales/conversions or whatever goal you are working towards.

I always recommend a more in depth engagement. The SEO work is the foundation of your web site. Without it people will not find you in the search engines for relevant phrases to your business. I am always open to discuss strategy and how to achieve your business goals through SEO.